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Antoine Dufilho

It is by being aware of his roots that a man can grow. Antoine Dufilho knows his roots, they plunge into art and and in medicine. His work proves it. As a child, Antoine Dufilho was introduced to the plastic arts with his great-uncle, actor, painter and sculptor. Later, medical studies allowed him to discover human mechanics. After three years, he realizes that this path prevents him from expressing his creativity. He then embarked on studies in architecture which led him to a new approach of sculpture. He is particularly passionate about the work of the skeleton, which, once put, reveals a succession of full and empty, bringing lightness and dynamism to the general form. Graduated from the School of Architecture and Landscape of Lille, he builds from scratch, in the countryside of Lille, from maritime containers, his workshop. The studio in which he creates all his works. Antoine Dufilho is self-taught, he experiments different techniques such as the moulding and welding to gradually build the aesthetics of his art. He began to devote himself fully to his art in 2012, evolving over time and inspiration. Little by little, his style asserts itself and his work is noticed. Now represented in more than 35 galleries around the world in Paris, Geneva, Taipei, Los Angeles or Miami, Antoine is present in France and abroad.