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Welcome to Bellini Gallery's fascinating world of contemporary art where each work is a unique masterpiece.

From exploring emerging artists to established talent, we present a diverse range of works that push the boundaries of traditional art forms.
As you browse through our collection, you will discover the inherent beauty and meaning of each work. Our gallery is not just an art platform but an experience destined to leave a lasting impression. The ability to purchase these works adds a level of accessibility, allowing art lovers to take home a part of this extraordinary fusion of beauty and innovation.

The Bellini Gallery


is more than just an artistic platform; it is a compelling journey through the fusion of two worlds. Here, the craftsmanship and timeless elegance of vintage Riva boats are married to the innovation and boldness of contemporary art.

Each artist is committed to producing creations, guaranteeing the exclusivity and limitedness of each piece. This approach not only emphasizes the rarity of the works but also gives them an even higher value, turning each purchase into an investment in the world of art and luxury.

Bellini Gallery is an experience that invites visitors to immerse themselves, to explore the connection between nautics and art, and to discover the intimate meaning of each creation. It is not just an aesthetic concept, but a platform where contemporary art and nautical tradition embrace each other in a timeless dialogue.

Bellini Gallery, with its philosophy is able to create connections, presents itself as a shining beacon on the horizon of contemporary artistic expression.